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Proposal delivery and time to walk around Buenos Aires

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large_1840343_13551087788496.jpgNice view from my hotel room. Clock Bell Tower (Torre Monumental) and the Retiro Railway StationI finally got into Buenos Aires [Buenos-Aires-travel-guide-145260] before noon. One thing I shouldn't have done was exchange my dollars into Argentinian pesos in New York. I thought they'd only accept pesos in cash, but everyone else preferred US dollars! The taxi into downtown was like $50, which was quite expensive at that time, but it is a long drive from the airport going into downtown. And I wasn't spending my personal money for cab fare, since I would be able to reimburse the cost out of my trip expense report.

I arrived at the hotel (more on this in the review), called my client, and took my time as he said to visit him later in the afternoon (something like 2PM). So I was able to shower and get dressed, my first bath after about 40 hours since I started my trip :-)

After meeting and delivering the proposal (it took less than 30 minutes for everything), I wandered around the streets near my hotel, beginning with the office at Avenida Leandro N.large_1840343_13551087798464.jpgIBM Argentina. Visited the office in Buenos Aires same day I delivered the proposal. Alem. For dinner I passed by an eatery and ordered the steak that Argentinian beef is famous for. I didn't linger anymore because this would be my first night in more than 48 hours where I finally get to rest in a decent bed (well, it is more luxurious than decent).

A job well done with the contract delivery. Mission accomplished, and in record time.

The following day was relatively a relaxing time as I played tourist for until it was time to check out and leave for the airport for the continuation of my journey to Toronto.

So I walked around the nearby streets but was able to venture into the main road of Avenida de9 de Julio, where the Obelisk of Buenos Aires is located. I also took a few photos of the following buildings: Opera House, Teatro Colon, the Central Post Office, Metropolitan Cathedral, Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires Cabildo, and thePalacio Municipal de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, among others.large_1840343_13551087746973.jpgNorth end of Avenida Leandro N. Alem. I imagined what it was like when Evita Peron was singing from one of those those balconies. But one very memorable experience was feeding the pigeons at the Plaza de Mayo. I bought a small bag of corn from the vendor nearby (they obviously have a great business partnership - the vendor and the pigeons, that is), and fed the pigeons who were not afraid and would take the food from my hand. After all, it's been a long while since I had birds as pets since my childhood days back in Negros province in the Philippines.

This was one trip to a wonderful city that I knew will take years again before I have the opportunity to visit. But perhaps in the not-too-distant future, I will visit Buenos Aires again to try my hand (rather, feet) at some salsa lessons and to head south to Ushuaia [Ushuaia-travel-guide-150093] for a great adventure.


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Getting diverted to Córdoba due to fog

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large_1840343_13551087755777.jpgco-pilot's chair of United 767-200. At Cordoba Airport (COR) as we were diverted by fogFlight details: UA979 C 767-300 Dep2200 Arr 0945+1 JFKEZE 5,302 miles

Early morning of Friday, April 18th, I was thinking about how to get to the client's office once we arrived in Buenos Aires [Buenos-Aires-travel-guide-145260]. First, I'd have to check into the hotel, then shower, dress up, and walk to the office (forgot the address already). I came for a big surprise when the pilot made the announcement over the intercom that we would be diverting because Buenos Aires airport (Ministro Pistarini International Airport, or Ezeiza International - EZE) was covered by fog.

To where, I soon found out. It was to Córdoba , a city about 388 miles or 624 kilometers northwest of Buenos Aires. We were not the only flight diverted to Cordoba, there were two other American Airlines jets (presumably from Miami) that were there as well.

Racing through my mind are thoughts that if the fog doesn't let up for the rest of the day, then I will get off at Córdoba and hire a taxi all the way to be driven to Buenos Aires. I wonder how much that would cost - I thought it was 250 miles (in a straight line), not the 388 miles I found out only now after researching it. But my prayers were answered when the pilot announced within an hour that the fog was lifting, and that we would be flying out of Córdoba shortly.

During the one hour on the ground, I was able to wander about the cabin and into the cockpit. The co-pilot was kind enough to lend me his cap and pose while sitting on his chair. I asked him a few questions about the plane (a 767-300), among other things. Despite the diversion, the cockpit crew was so relaxed, something you don't see anymore since 9/11.


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